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I am not runnning for Congress in 2016.

I may try again in the future if the Congressional District lines gets redrawn.

In the mean time, please take a serious look at these candidates that will be challenging Rick Larsen in 2016:

Marc Hennemann


Mike Lapointe


Brian Luke


I met all of these gentlemen multiple times while on the campaign trail in 2014. Any one of them would be a considerable improvement over Rick Larsen. Please consider donating to any of their campaigns by going to their respective websites. It costs each of them $1,740 just to get listed on your ballot.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the 2014 election!

Final Results - General Election 11/4/2014:

Rick Larsen (D) 60.57% - 122,173 votes
B.J. Guillot (R) 39.43% - 79,518 votes
Final Results - Primary Election 8/5/2014:
Rick Larsen (D) 55.59% - 61,150 votes
B.J. Guillot (R) 32.73% - 36,002 votes
Mike Lapointe (I) 11.68% - 12,844 votes

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